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When working on the projects we go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

While many other companies on the market simply provide remote employees and charge for hours spent, we focus on the overall success of the project we are assigned to. Our accurate software development cost calculator allows us to provide you with the best price possible, lowering both your risk and cost.

Choosing your perfect talent as simply as 1, 2, 3
Tell us who you are looking for

Let us know the project requirements and job details for each vacant position, and we’ll conduct the research required to find the perfect candidate.

Get your CV's and rates

We’ll send you CVs complete with detailed information about each candidate, such as their education, experience, tech stack, and previous projects. After reviewing the CVs, you can schedule an interview with your preferred candidates.

Interview suitable candidates

Interview your candidates and hire those who best fit your project and business needs.

Transparent and trustworthy

We understand the complication of choosing vendors who will be honest with you and remain transparent throughout the process.

We encountered a lot of problems with developers/agencies from Eastern European companies. Fake profiles, fake CVs, postponed and unprofessional interviews, and we even had interviews scheduled with specialists who were already employed on other projects, with their sole purpose being to charge for extra time.

We created DT because we believe there is a better way to do this. By choosing DT as a vendor, you choose transparent processes, reasonable pricing policies, skilled specialists, and honest PEOPLE who are determined to see you succeed in your endeavor.


Pricing models
we use

Monthly retainer
Recommended for a long-term projects.

With this pricing model, the client performs full-time monthly billing per the specialist’s time spent. The client may pay a lump sum upfront or make a recurring monthly payment enabling the developer to work with you on a long-term project. The amount we charge is calculated using our app development cost calculator, which provides our clients with the best price possible.

Time and material
Recommended for a short-term projects.

The Time & Material (T&M) concept means clients only pay for the result based on hourly rates. The client pays not for the amount of work, but for the hours spent on software development by the hired team.

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Developers locations

We can find specialists for you everywhere

One of the main of DT is to cooperate with high-skilled specialists all over the world with great communication skills who could be everywhere.

  • USA
  • Georgia
  • Latvia
  • Canada
  • Azerbaijan
  • Spain
  • Ukraine
  • Turkey
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Lithuania

Expertise of our
dedicated developers


Get a free consultation

Drop us a line and tell us the requirements for your potential candidates. Our business development manager will help you find the best technical staff and solutions for your project. Our team is dedicated to providing you with an accurate app development cost estimate and has a proven record of delivering on-budget and on-time.

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    Having been in the market for over 20 years, we understand which candidates are suitable for certain projects and specific business needs. We save you months on the search and selection of candidates while taking full responsibility for those whom we have selected for you.

    We aren’t just a body shop. Vacations, sick leave, training, HR, compliance with social guarantees, and all associated activities remain in the area of responsibility of our company.

    A rapid response is one of the primary advantages of outstaffing. You can control the exact number of developers on a project. There are no issues if it becomes necessary to adjust the team size on a project or the number of tasks assigned to a specific developer. You select the team members and the number of developers for your project by yourself, giving you complete control.

    We guarantee financial and legal security and will commit to any necessary non-disclosure agreements. Security plays a huge role in every business, and for our company too. When contracting the use of freelancers instead of hiring a distributed team, it is worth noting the clear differences in reliability and data security.

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    Client reviews

    We have enjoyed such feedback as:

    They are not a typical offshore shop. Engaged as an extension of our in-house team, they are efficient and knowledgeable in so many areas and have proven to be a huge asset to our business during this time. I would give my highest recommendation to anyone seeking any talent for their respective enterprise and strongly urge them to contact DT for their next project.

    Raman Haran

    Director of R&D at Member Solutions

    Distributed Team provided the highest-quality and most professional services we could have imagined. They added terrific imagination and insight to the level of skill we already knew they were capable of. We would recommend them to anybody and will be happy to provide direct comment as well.

    Jerry Johnson

    President at Cascade Strategies

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    Drop us as a line to tell us your requirements for the candidates. Our Business Development Manager will help you to find the best tech staff for your project.