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Please spend 10 minutes of your time to complete this quick questionnaire in order for us to provide a 100% fit professional within a short period of time.

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About your project

The average developer on the market has ~4 different offers at the same time, so please, help us pitch your project to win the right talent for you.

*Please share the idea behind the project and some wow facts about it.
*Stage of the project and how many months/years it’s being developed
Please let us know the technical environmental around the project.

*Who will our developer be working with on the project and what’s the usual communication process (meetings frequency, verbal or text communication etc)?
*Please specify what kind of tools you guys use for the code management, time tracking, and communication you stick to.

Non-technical requirements

Our main goal is not just to provide the right technical talent but also the one who has a cultural fit.

*Please specify what kind of personal characteristics you appreciate when working remote talent.
*Communication is definitely a part of successful cooperation. Please specify the desired English level for the candidate. If you have certain preferences regarding additional languages, you are welcome to specify additional details in "custom reply".
*Are there any restrictions of preferences about the candidate's location?
*Please describe how you would choose the winning candidate and how many interviewing stages your selection process consist of.

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